Thursday, 16 June 2016

Brian Falkner

 On 15 of June we got to meet Brian Falkner in the hall.He is a Author.The total of his books that he written is 13 but there is still 2 selling in November and August.One of his books he made is part of his life experience.After he talked about himself we played a game .He have to give us a open line from any books or the cover of the book and we had to tried to figure out the title of the book or figure out which open line is which book is from.My favourite part of the day is when he wear this thing on his head and have to when he thinks about something it would come in the screen.My favourite book of Brian falkner's would have to be Northwood because I like how he put interesting words in the book that will make the audience picture it in their mind.  
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  1. Hi grace it is good but maybe next time make sure you make sure your sentences make sense.