Monday, 22 May 2017

WAL:How much sugar in different drinks.

Today room 7 was learning about measuring grams.Miss Ashley came with 7 bottles.Miss ashley instructed us to find out how much sugar in the drinks.By finding out how many sugars there are in each bottles we looked at the back of the drink  and read the Nutritional information.The first bottle we did was had 75g.Then we measured the rest.V had 26.5 grams and fuze tea haves 22g and coca cola had 27g and fresh up had 98.0g and the feijoa drink had  96 g and the last one was water which have 0g.The drink that had the most sugar was fresh up and the bottle that had the least sugar was fuze tea.I was really surprised to see that coca cola have 27g of sugar but I thought it will be more than that.I have really enjoined this activity because everyone was showing the school values and that everyone participated and that everyone tried their best to read the scales.

Here the photos.

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