Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Here is a slideshow about what me and my group think that the pictures temprature.

Today we were learning about temperature.We learned a new word which was thermometer.Miss ashley explained us what does the word means.The word There means heat and the word meter means measuring so mostly Thermometer is something you can measure the temperature.Then she taught us how to read the temperature.She told us not  to look at the F but look at the C. C means celsius and the F stands for fahrenheit(which is the way that the americans measure the temperature).She told us that the temperature of a freezing pt -0*c
100*c-Boiling pt
26*c-room temp
37*c-body temp
then she told us that she puted 4 photos at each table and we have to figure out what was the temperature and figure out were is the thermometer.
Here are the photos.


The Freezer-8.5*c


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