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Lions Presentation

LION Presentation 🦁
Lions are wild animals that are described to be the second largest cat, Lions have manes (Manes are the hair that grows around the lions face), Lions have blondish, gingerish, brownish fur with a tail for 26 inches to 40 inches long according to The National geographic, Male lions are usually for than 6ft long while Lionesses (Female lions) are less than 6ft (including the tail).

Their natural habitat is savannah.  Savannah is a grassland that is with only little rain and little shade.  They are so dried that the lions fur really camouflage with it.  You can find savannahs around africa and other countries.  Lions used to live in some bit of africa but now they are usually found in the south Sahara desert and in part of southern and eastern Africa.  In addition to African,  lions were found
From Greece through the Middle East to northern India.

Lions are Carnivores so they eat meat. Lionesses usually knock and kill the animals for the pride but it is the lions that search for the food at the night. There prey are Buffalos, Antelopes, Zebras, baby Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, wild Hogs, Crocodiles, and Giraffes. Sometimes when they are not hungry they eat smaller things like mice, birds,hares, lizards, and tortoises.

Well first of all no one ever knew why male lions gets a mane. But suddenly a biologist named Charles Darwin first suggested that male lions have a  mane so  that it protect its  neck from fighting other male lions.  It also allows a male lion to asses its fighting ability and then a female get’s to choose a mate.  If the mane is primarily a shield around the neck then it will be a perfect target to attack and get wounded.

Lionesses give birth to cubs after being pregnant for 3 ½ months. While they are giving birth to the cub female lions give birth up to 4 cubs at a time although throughout the litters they have 2 or 3 in common. When a cub is first born it has a graysh fur and as they get older their fur starts to change colour into the actual colour.

Lions don't really have predators but when they get older or if there babies without their mum antelopes and hyenas eat them.

Lions have many problem but one of their main problems are including medical. They suffer from these 2 and many more. The disease they have are called “Canine distemper virus” and “Bovine tuberculosis” lions also have illness that relates to their fragility.
The lion in the middle had these illnesses and died.

Lions are used for circus but at least now they are going to be feed more and raised better from the animal keepers.  Lions are also at the zoo to keep the kids fascinated, The best thing about the lions at the zoo  is that because they are carnivores the zoo will produce with beef everyday instead of them eating poor innocent animals like, Buffalos, Antelopes, Zebras, baby Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, wild Hogs, Crocodiles, and Giraffes.

This week we were learning about animals .  We had to search about their diet/prey , Habitat, adaption, breeding, predators, Disease and illness and  how they are in captivity.  Me  and edith 's was lion.  This is our description that we have to say in our presenting.  Up top you will see a presentation that has pictures.  The pictures show you what they eat, were they live, what are there diseases and illness, and how they are special, Breeding, There predators, an lions in captivity.

Hope you have learned something about lions.

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