Monday, 12 March 2018

NZ Popullation

IALA:  The population of NZ

Malo Lelei and welcome back to my blog.  I am going to tell you( yes you!) how many population there are in NZ.  If you are wondering why are you blogging about  this well reason why I am going to blog about this because
1.  So that you know how many we have
2. and because in classroom we were talking about NZ.

So first of all Ms komor wrote down our WALT. The WALT:  what makes NZ a great place to live in?
Our suggestions was:
- Mountains 
- Beaches
- Native Birds
- Nature
- People
and there are other things that makes our country special.  

I was really surprised to see how many people are living in NZ.  Can you believe that! 4, 736, 362 is how many we have in NZ.
I bet that you will get shocked when you see this.
Hopefully you have really enjoyed reading this!
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