Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Self Defense!!

WALT:  Show what we learned during self defense lessons.
Today this morning we had to create a poster about our self defense lesson.  Last week was our last self defense lesson.  It was really sad because I miss doing it and I miss julie as well.  It has been a great time with the girls doing self defense.  At first I was really scared because I wasn't that confident doing it.  But then when we got to do some more physical moves I became serious and I was now confident enough to do it.  I have really learned a lot from this.  What I found challenging in this lesson would have to be the physical movements.  When I kick I always lose balance.  But then when Julie explains to us bend your knees a little bit so that you are balanced.  I kept on practising and I totally got my balanced and I was able to kick( without falling!).  I started to build progress into my movements and now I know how to kick, punch, elbow and knee.  I have really enjoyed this lesson with all the girls.  I will like to say thank you to julie for coming every wednesday for teaching us self defense!!!

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