Friday, 23 March 2018

Te Tuhi Lessin 2!

WAL: I am nz
Today I have finished my te tuhi reflection.  I have really enjoyed this lesson and I found printmaking actually hard but I still tried my best to accomplish this piece of artwork.  We used a itch tool to itch our surfaces of.  It's a tool that printmaking artist uses to make there  artwork beautiful.  Here are steps of how we made our own printmaking:

1.  We first had to paint this plastic sheet black.  After we finish painting it black we give it to salome and kelly to put it away in a cool place to dry.

2. There were other ones that was already dried so we use those ones.We get a letter( the one that you are doing) and trace it.  Next we draw our pictures that relates to nz and makes nz unique.

3.  Next we get a itching tool.  If you don't know what a itching tool is I well explain.  A itching tool looks like a long nail.  The end is more sharper like that little bit at the end of a pencil.  The top is round.  We use the top one to itch our letter and the sharp bit to itch of our pictures.  The top you will need to pull it down and the sharp one you just draw like how you draw with a pencil.  You will need to press it down really hard so that all the black stuff is gone.

4.  After you have done all these things you can pick a coloured paper.  The coloured paper will help see you pictures.  It is best that it is light colours for example red, orange, yellow, green or blue.  You can see you pictures properly and it is simple like that.

I have really found this challenging but I still tried my best and I had a growth mindset throughout this whole lesson!


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