Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Blog Commenting- Hevani Fifita

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Image result for blog commentingHello and welcome back to my blog.  Today I am going to be blog commenting( again) on Hevani.  If you don't know who hevani is well I will just have to explain.  Hevani is one of my close friends.  She is great at art and she really love art.  She is a bit shy but I think that she is building more confidence in herself more than last year.  Hevani is such a nice and a caring young lady.  She always make me laugh and she cheers me up all the times.  We call ourselves twins because we always say the same thing in the same time and we mostly have the same personality.  Hevani had made me feel welcomed when I first started school.  She is really a great friend and she is funny!

Here is a photo of Hevani!

Why did I chose to comment on her blog?

I chose to blog on hevanis blog is because she is one of my close friends.  She has always put effort into her work and she takes back the feedback that she is given and improve;s on it next time.  I also wanted to give her feedback so that in the future she knows what she needs to work on next time! It is good that you give feedback to others because it can change everything( well not everything but you know what I mean).  It will help you improve in your work and giving feedback to others is very helpful because it helps them get better on their work.  And that's what I just have done.

Here is my comment to hevani on her Te tuhi Reflection:

Here is a link to hevanis blog! CLICK HERE! She has amazing blogs! So if I was you go check it out now!

Hope you enjoy reading!  Please comment down below! Bye!Image result for blog commenting

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