Monday, 16 April 2018

🏊Describing Panmure Lagoon Pools!!🏊

Hi guys! Today I have just completed a task that we had to do weeks ago.  This task is about describing the Panmure Lagoon pools( as you can see in the title).  We have to use figurative languages( which we learned about in writing) to describe the panmure lagoon pools.  It was really hard at first because I didn't quite understand what figurative language and I forgot all about the day.  I tried my best to remember what it was like in the pools.  I started to understand more about figurative language and I had heaps of ideas coming in my mind.  I tried my best and now I have completed it! Here is my work!

Here is the task link πŸŠ CLICK on the emoji!  Hope you enjoyed reading! Please comment down below and be honest!

Image result for swimarama

Image result for swimarama