Monday, 2 April 2018


IALT: Reflect on Easter!

Malo Lelei! Welcome back to my blog again! Happy Easter by the way!  I hope that you guys have all had a great easter today! I am so excited that we had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off because I get to catch up on my blogs and I get to spend more time with my family.  Today I have decided to create a google drawing about EASTER!  You see people celebrates this holiday differently.  To me easter is not all about eating chocolates and having easter egg hunts and so on.  My belief of easter is all about the one and only son of god.  God chose jesus for a reason.  Jesus came here and made a big differences upon the world.  People didn't like what jesus was doing.  Priests and other people were so jealous that they wanted to kill him.  Before jesus died on the cross he went up to a mountain( I am not sure what is the mountain name) and stay there and prayed 3 times.  Then the soldiers came and took him.  They whipped him and made him wear this crown made out of thorns and sticks.  He took up the cross and walked through the path.  The crowd were all shouting and watching him.  He got nailed on the cross.  Blood came out of him.  After that he got wrapped in this white clothes and got taken in his tomb.  When Mary Magdalene came into the tomb were jesus was buried it was empty.  An  angel told her that jesus raised from the dead.

Image result for happy easter

Image result for happy easter

This is why I celebrate easter because I know that it is true that jesus crucified on the cross for our sins and after 3 days he rose it again.  I hope that you know this because this is the reason why we have easter.  By The way the easter eggs represent about how we now have a new life and a new beginning for us.  I am so thankful that jesus died on the cross for us and that we should all be pleased.  If you want to find out more about jesus you can read all from the bible.  The bible is the word of God.  Hope you enjoyed this DLO and please comment down below of what you think of easter!

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