Thursday, 5 April 2018

Tomorrow is ...

Tomorrow is...

IALT: Writing about how our talent show is coming up.

Image result for talent showImage result for talent quotesTomorrow is going to be a big day. Why? Because it is going to be... Our Talent show! I am so excited and a little bit nervous but I am going to try my best to be confident and to remember all my parts.  I really can't wait until we all get up to the stage and sing our song as a syndicate.  We are going to stand proud and show that we are all unique in somehow. Our group had really worked hard in our item this whole entire week and last week.  We have work our butts off and boy it is a lot harder than you think it is.  The more we practice the more we got used to it and starting to work as a team. The item that we will be doing is...Sorry guys you would have to find out tomorrow! We would like a lot of parents to help out! We would like if we have more parents to come help with the hangi and the cake stall and all that stuff.  You can come and talk with Miss Aireen or Ms Komor about it.  Also we have to remember to come with a large kumara and a cake for our talent show.  If you have any questions about the talent show please come talk with Miss Aireen or Ms Komor! I can't wait!

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