Sunday, 26 February 2017

WALT:Write simple simple sentences.

Today in room 7 in writing we were learning about simple sentence.Here is an example of what a simple sentences looks like.Hope you guys have learned something from this slide show.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Ten Phrases

During the past few weeks we have been learning about to identify words or phrases that the author has used for effect.Here is an example of what phrases looks like.

Here is a Google drawing about the history of Saint Valentines.

Here is a video that me and my buddy edith did.This video is about Taha tinana which means Physical well- being.Hope you guys have learned something from our video.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The boring spelling test

Here is a recount about Room 7 spelling test.
The spelling test

Today room7 had a spelling test. I wish we didn’t had a spelling test because it so boring and everyone was quiet and not having fun. We had to do a spelling test because so that the teacher knows that we have done some spelling during the weekends or  they can see how good is your spelling.

To begin with our spelling test my teacher ( Miss Ashley) had to tell us words so then we can write down in our paper.

What I thought about the spelling that some words were kind of challenging and also I felt so bored and frustrated.Mostly some people was just sitting there and other people were talking and not trying their best.My teacher had to stop all the time because how people were talking it was so annoying  when we had to stop.I wish that the people who were talking could have a zipper so that we can zip their mouth  and get a locker and just locked so then we carry on our spelling so that we can  have more fun.

I think I did a great job because I was listening and that I didn’t miss any words so that Ms doesn't have to repeat it again and that I gave it my best.I think that even though you don’t know the word or you haven’t heard it before just give it your best and maybe you had more words right then before or not but it's alright if you got it wrong because it's good to learn from mistake and maybe next time you know what you were missing.