Monday, 19 February 2018

P.E Reflection

Here is a photo of home group 2 tennis lesson.

Here is another photo doing our warm ups .  It was really complicated.

Today this morning the kia manawanui had P.E/kiwisport.  It was really surprising because we never had kiwisport  in the first block.  I was really excited to hear that we have kiwisport.  First of all we got split into our home groups.  Home group 1 went to kiwisport and the home group 2 went with Mrs Komor practising our batting and throwing for softball.

The home group that I was in was home group 2.  We started of with some warm up before we played a game.  It was really difficult to do the warm ups because they were really challenging.  Even though it was really diffucult at sometimes I tried my best.  I actually learn some new moves which was really felt so good.  After we did our warm ups we practiced how to swing.  Most of the times we just stood there and hit but it won't give power for arm to hit the ball.  So Mrs Komor taught us how to do it.  We had to twist and use the ball of our feet when we are hitting.  We all took turns at hitting and pitching.  We finally finished and had a little game of softball. 

When the other group is finish with there lesson then we switch over and have our turn.  Mrs Komor instructed us to line up and walk quietly to the court.  Then we walk past Miss Aireen and her group to the top court. We made to the court and sat down.  " Hello everyone my name is Peter, today you will be learning one of the hand grips for tennis.  First we played a game called " BALL".  We got in pairs and got ready for the next instruction.  Peter explain what we are going to do next.  " Okay guys we are going to play a game.  " This game is called  BALL! I will call out  HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES,  BALL! When I say ball you and your partner must try get the ball before your buddy gets it".  It was really hurtful kneeling down because my knees was hurting after doing some squats.  Most of the times I didn't got the ball but the last one I finally got the ball YES!!

We finished our last round of the game and started to do some real lesson .  We learn how to do a 4 hand  grip.  This will help you swing the ball to the other side.  Also when you swing don't put to much power in it or else it goes flying high.  We first started 3 hits with our buddies. When  you have hitted 3 balls then you can  hit more than 3.  After we finish that lesson we played another game.  The game is that he has a deck of cards.  He chooses anyone to pick a card.  The number that is on the card is how much hit's that you and your buddy must hit. 

It was really fun  because it helps me get fit and helps me with  my Te Whare Tapa Wha which is my Taha Tinana.

Growth Mindset Quotes

WALT: Encourage myself to always have a growth mindset.
I have chosen this quote because it help me realise that it is more than challenging myself but when I overcome them that makes me proud.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Te Tuhi Reflection

On friday the 16th of february the kia manawanui syndicate went to Te Tuhi.  If you don't know what is Te Tuhi it is a art gallery.  In Te Tuhi we learn 2 artists.  And we got to make our own collage poster.  I enjoy going to Te Tuhi and seeing the beautiful artworks.  I hope we can go again.

This is my reflection for Te Tuhi.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Graphics lesson 1

Today on the 15th of february 2018 the Kia manawanui went to technology.  We all got split into 3 groups.  The group that I was in was doing graphics. The rest of the other groups had to do Cooking or either Hard matirals.  Some of the yr 7s was there first time going to technology.  I was really excited  to do graphics.  Our teacher was Miss ferguson. she was a nice and young lady( shes actually old but not that old).

The first thing we started is to make a collage about ourselves. She showed us an example of her collage so that we know what it is appose to look like.  After that she told us to create  it in a google drawing.  We made our own avatar and learn how to trasperet our pictures. As you can see that it is better then having that white background around the pictures because it makes the pictures stand out and you can add more pictures to it.  It was really fun making our own avatars and having Miss Ferguson as a graphic teacher.  I think that we showed whangutanga and Ako during this lesson because most of us weren't sure what to do but others helped us and now we know.  And also we were building postive realatioships in our lessons.

Here is my avatar that I created.

Today for technology I was in graphics.  It was reall enjoyble because we get to make our own collage and we had a fun time.
Next week we will be making 3d phones on tinkacan.
I am so excited what is coming up for this term!!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

Today I learnt about the school values , The meaning of the values and show all the school values consistently,  especially if you are a school leader.

Here is a DLO of my Goals that is related to the TPS Values. 

Task link 



Wednesday, 31 January 2018

My Bio Poem

Hello everyone I hope that everyone has enjoyed there 3 days of school 2018.  
it is so excited to be part of the Kia Manawanui.
WALT:  Create a Bio poem

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas In New Zealand

Talofa lava, This is a description that explains how we have christmas in NZ