Wednesday, 18 July 2018


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Ciao everyone! Welcome back! I just want to say " Good Afternoon to you all"! I know the weather has changed a lot( such a bummer!) but that will not stop me enjoying my holidays!

Other than that:

Have a safe holidays and that I hope you are enjoying your break!

Question: What are you doing right now?

Hope you enjoy! 
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Bula Vinaka everyone and welcome back to my blog! I know I haven't been blogging that much which I am really sorry about. But since it is holidays I have decided to read books and catch up on some of my learning on paper.  What I mean by that is reading different types of books( which I have finished 2 reading, Black Beauty and Tom Gates Top of the class( maybe) ) and also I have written all of my time tables up to 15 from 1( which I have been practicing) and also been practising my basic facts and just improving more things that I need to.  But I decided to come back on and start blogging and catch up to others.

I am back for now and I will be blogging so stay tune for some more!

Hope you enjoy!
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This is my times table from 1- 15( sorry if you can't see it).

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Sunday, 15 July 2018


Kia Orana everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today is probably not a great day (as I am looking out the window) for the holidays! But that would not stop me from enjoying this day! I know it have been wet and damp weathers but oh well, my holidays still continues on! 

I would just like to say:
( even though it doesn't looks like it's morning!)

Other than that I hope you have a great day/holidays and also keep yourself warm because it is just FREEZING COLD!!


Question: How is your holiday?

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IALT: Inform my readers that it is Morning!

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Hola fellow readers! Welcome back to my blog! Right now I am so shocked! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I MADE 100 blog posts for this year!! This is such a big achievement for me! I have been waiting this moment to happen so I can blog it and now I am here! I am extremely PROUD of myself! I have been really hard on myself throughout this year and after this HUGE achievement I regret doing that to myself! I now learn a lesson to NEVER EVER put myself down because I realised that the more I believe in myself and having a growth mindset I get to have such a huge success!

I would like to make a HUGE shout out to my friends( Edith, Lydia, Hevani, Stephney, Arizona) who are always there for me and have supported me throughout my life!

Again I am extremely proud of myself! 

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Question: Have you ever had a big achievement in your life? 

Hope you enjoy!


Malo Lelei!Welcome back to my blog! It has been awhile ever since I blogged last week( which feels pretty long).  I know I haven't been blogging( which I am really sorry) but you know how holidays are and they can be a lot of going out, having your own free time and all those other things that you just chill out during the holidays( which I have been doing).  I am trying my best to blog more during the holidays and I will try my best to push myself to blog heaps this year!  I am very stoked to be back!

Question: Have you been blogging during the holidays?

Hope you enjoy!
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IALT: Push myself to get as many blog posts I have ever done!

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Friday, 6 July 2018

πŸ–ŒVisual Art!πŸ–Œ

πŸ–ŒVisual Art!πŸ–Œ
Bula Vinaka and greetings to you all!
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Today I have decided to blog about my visual art! Last week we have been learning about visual arts! To be honest I didn't really like art because it takes a long time to complete the colouring. If we were to do this activity again I would like to use painting instead of colouring by hand because it is very tiring and with paint it is very easy and faster.

I really enjoy doing this artwork because I get to put my thoughts in my artwork and I love to share my work to others! What I like about art is you can express your feelings into the artwork.  An artwork always mean something and I hope that you understand mines!

Here is mine:

Here is my reflection:
I drew a picture/symbol that represents my learning of space and also something that represents myself.  The key concepts I learned was using my time wisely.This is because the more time you waste the more you would have to rush your work and it is not up to your standard. A challenge I had was what to draw? I was struggling to figure out what to draw that relates to our inquiry topic.  It was challenging at first but then when it came to do our published one I felt confident and proud of what I created. If I did this project again I would like to add a bit more colour to it especially bright ones. I think the colour scheme worked well because it blended in with the 2 choices that I chose and it describes me.  Things that went well with my drawing were the symbols and the patterns I choose to do because they both relate to the topic and they describe who I am.

Question: Have you ever done a visual art?

Hope you enjoy my artwork!
Feel free to comment down below what you like and what you think I could improve on!

IALT: Reflect about my artwork!

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πŸ‘Blog Commenting- Alo!πŸ‘


Bonjour and greetings to you all!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I have decided to do another blog commenting post. The person that I nominated to commented on was... ALO! Alo is my cousin and he is a great one.  He is very funny and smart and he is very bright! He would always make us crack up and that is what I think is on of his great powers!

The post that I chose to comment on was his:

I really enjoy visiting on Alo's blog because he is always enthusiastic to blog and he loves to share about his learning!
Hey you should visit Alo's blog!
CLICK HERE to go on his blog!!

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IALT: Leave POSITIVE and THOUGHTFUL comments on others blog!