Monday, 16 April 2018

🏊Describing Panmure Lagoon Pools!!🏊

Hi guys! Today I have just completed a task that we had to do weeks ago.  This task is about describing the Panmure Lagoon pools( as you can see in the title).  We have to use figurative languages( which we learned about in writing) to describe the panmure lagoon pools.  It was really hard at first because I didn't quite understand what figurative language and I forgot all about the day.  I tried my best to remember what it was like in the pools.  I started to understand more about figurative language and I had heaps of ideas coming in my mind.  I tried my best and now I have completed it! Here is my work!

Here is the task link πŸŠ CLICK on the emoji!  Hope you enjoyed reading! Please comment down below and be honest!

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Image result for swimarama

🏐Volleyball tryouts!!🏐

On the 9th of April the Kia Manawanui Syndicate had Volleyball tryouts.  The tournament is tomorrow and we really need to practice. I was really nervous at the start because I always thought that I will let the team down because how I am not really good at volleyball.  I was also excited because how I get to work with others that I haven’t work with in a team and I enjoy playing volleyball because you have laughters and you can learn from others. We walked outside to the top courts and started to train.  First of all we started with our stance’s. We have to spread out and line up around the yellow rectangle. When Ms Komor say’s go to the “ Right” or “ Left” we have to shuffle to that side and to make sure that we bend our knees so that we can have balance.  People were jumping up and down which reminds me of frogs jumping to leaf by leaf. We came back into our lines and got splitted into our groups. I was in Ms Fepuleai group and the rest went of with Ms Komor. We just played a games and took turns by groups and yeah that’s what we pretty much did.  I really enjoyed this lesson because I got to have laughters with my teammates and I just love it when everyone tries their best and everyone is contributing. What I found challenging was using the setting technique. It always hit my palms instead of my finger tips. And that’s what I think I need to work on.

Image result for serving volleyballHere is a DLO( digital learning Object) of some questions about our tryouts.  I really enjoyed it and it was really fun! I have added the task link so that you can see it more clearly! 🏐 Click on the volleyball to go on my work!

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Blog Commenting- Stephney Fifita

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog.  Today I am going to be blog commenting on stephney.  Stephney is someone that is really loud and really fun to hang out with.  She is very helpful and she is a beautiful girl.  She really loves talking( which I like to do a lot) about anything.  She's not great at keeping secrets but she still working on it.  She always make me giggle when I am upset and she is always there for me.  SInce we are really close to each other I feel that we are sisters because she is just everything that sister needs.

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Why did I chose to blog commented on stephanie's blog?
I chose stephney is because she is a kind person and she is very humble. She is a person that you would want to be friends with.  She can be loud and funny but she is also a hard work and always try her best to accomplish her goals.  I also wanted to give her some tips of what she need to work on in the future and I just wanted to help out with her.

Here is my comment to stephney:

This comment that I gave her was about her Kiwisport/P.E. lesson! Hey, you should go and check out stephanie's blog! It is well done and her work is up to standard!
πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ CLICK on the emoji to go on
stephanie's blog!
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IALT: Leave positive feedbacks on other's blogs.

Tomorrow is ...

Tomorrow is...

IALT: Writing about how our talent show is coming up.

Image result for talent showImage result for talent quotesTomorrow is going to be a big day. Why? Because it is going to be... Our Talent show! I am so excited and a little bit nervous but I am going to try my best to be confident and to remember all my parts.  I really can't wait until we all get up to the stage and sing our song as a syndicate.  We are going to stand proud and show that we are all unique in somehow. Our group had really worked hard in our item this whole entire week and last week.  We have work our butts off and boy it is a lot harder than you think it is.  The more we practice the more we got used to it and starting to work as a team. The item that we will be doing is...Sorry guys you would have to find out tomorrow! We would like a lot of parents to help out! We would like if we have more parents to come help with the hangi and the cake stall and all that stuff.  You can come and talk with Miss Aireen or Ms Komor about it.  Also we have to remember to come with a large kumara and a cake for our talent show.  If you have any questions about the talent show please come talk with Miss Aireen or Ms Komor! I can't wait!

My Waka of strengths!

IALT: Identify and describe my strengths.

This term we have been talking about our strengths.  We asked questions to our self( very simple questions) like why are strengths important? How does your strength help you? In this DLO I have chosen my 2 key strengths which are Enthusiastic and Math.  As you can see I have described about it how it relates to my and why I have chosen it.  We have been working on our paddles for our waka. We used different types of signs or symbols to decorate our paddles.  Here is mine and I hope that you enjoy reading! Please comment below!
😁 Click on the emoji to go on my work!
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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Blog Commenting- Hevani Fifita

IALT:  Leave Positive feedbacks on other's blogs!

Image result for blog commentingHello and welcome back to my blog.  Today I am going to be blog commenting( again) on Hevani.  If you don't know who hevani is well I will just have to explain.  Hevani is one of my close friends.  She is great at art and she really love art.  She is a bit shy but I think that she is building more confidence in herself more than last year.  Hevani is such a nice and a caring young lady.  She always make me laugh and she cheers me up all the times.  We call ourselves twins because we always say the same thing in the same time and we mostly have the same personality.  Hevani had made me feel welcomed when I first started school.  She is really a great friend and she is funny!

Here is a photo of Hevani!

Why did I chose to comment on her blog?

I chose to blog on hevanis blog is because she is one of my close friends.  She has always put effort into her work and she takes back the feedback that she is given and improve;s on it next time.  I also wanted to give her feedback so that in the future she knows what she needs to work on next time! It is good that you give feedback to others because it can change everything( well not everything but you know what I mean).  It will help you improve in your work and giving feedback to others is very helpful because it helps them get better on their work.  And that's what I just have done.

Here is my comment to hevani on her Te tuhi Reflection:

Here is a link to hevanis blog! CLICK HERE! She has amazing blogs! So if I was you go check it out now!

Hope you enjoy reading!  Please comment down below! Bye!Image result for blog commenting

Back to school!

IALT: Write about coming back to to school.

Image result for tamaki primary school logoBula Vinaka! I am so glad that I am back blogging some more blog posts for you's to enjoy! I am so excited to come back to school because tomorrow we have our practice talent show and we get to perform in front of our class( just the kia manawanui).  Tomorrow will be our first time sharing our performance in front of each other.  There will be rapping, singing, band, dances( cultural, hip hops etc) and many more to see.  I am really excited to come back to school after a really tiring easter weekends( really tiring).  In my group I have Edith, Hevani, Lydia and Stepney.  We are doing a band and our song is cool down and a Hula.  In the band Hevani and Lydia are the two keyboards, Stephney is on  the bass, I am on the drums and Edith is the singer.  I just can't wait!  I will be back blogging tomorrow!

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