Wednesday, 23 May 2018

πŸ‡ΌπŸ‡Έ Samoan Language week πŸ‡ΌπŸ‡Έ

Talofa Lava! Welcome back to my blog! Samoan Language week is Next Week but the Kia Manawanui syndicate can't make it this week. Why? Well it is because we have camp( which I am so excited!) and we come back on Friday so yeah.  Ms Komor and Miss Aireen thought of each of one of us would do a presentation about Samoa.  Before we get started we had a brainstorm of what we know about the Samoan Culture/Language.  We had a lot of ideas for example Currency( Money), The Flag, Food, Clothes, Religions and many more.  I was so excited to do the presentation because I get to learn more about the Samoan Language/Culture!

We chose 1 topic to do for our presentation.  The topic that I chose was Traditional clothes in Samoa.  I chose this because I wanted to know if they are the same as Tongans.  What I found challenging doing this task is that I was a bit nervous when we have to say it to the class but I stood there and readed out my presentation with confidence.  I think that the easiest was finding the information and easy to research.

Here is my presentation:

I would like to say thank you to Demetrius for reminding me to blog this( I almost forgot)!

Hope you enjoy this! 
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IAL: The Samoan Culture/ Language

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Map of Samoa

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

I'm Back

Hello and greetings to you all! Today I decided to do a blog post of why I haven't been blogging that much.  You see I am very busy with other stuff and I don't have enough time to blog( as I explainded in my other ' I'm Back' blog post) and I do wish I could but I just can't.  My goal for blogging is to at least blog up to 30 - 50 blog posts every month and try reach o 200( which I struggle but I still try my best to reach that goal).  I am so happy to be back blogging! I am not such a great blogger but I still keep on going because my friends inspires me to keep on going and never give up. 

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My goal is to reach up to 200 blog posts and even more!!

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IALT: Keep on going with my blogs and never stop!
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Sunday, 13 May 2018

🏫 Back to school! 🏫

Kia orana and Greetings to you all! Welcome back to my blog. How's everyone's Weekends? Well mine was awesome! Now we have to go back to school( yay)! I am really excited to go back to school cause I get to see my friends( which I really missed them a lot!) , I get to learn more new things and have more fun! I can't wait until we go to school! 

What is your favourite subject at school?

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IALT: Reflect on going back to school.

Friday, 11 May 2018

πŸ’–Happy Mothers Day!😭

Malo Lelei and Greetings to you all.  Welcome back to my blog! Today I have decided to do a blog about my mum.  The reason why I am doing this is that since mother's πŸ’– day is coming up( which is this sunday) why not do a blog about my mom.  I love my mum very much. She is the best cause I know that she is the best.  She helps us, takes care of us and she is always there for us.  My mom was originally born in tonga and came to NZ in 2005.  She does struggles with her english but we are always here and we help her.  Me and my mom have so much in common things and we both love each other.

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Today we had an assembly.  To me this assembly was a very special one. Why? Well it is because since mother's day is coming up my mum was honoured to be the caught being good mum in our school for 2018( I think).  I was really nervous because me and my siblings each made a card for her and we have to say it in front of her including the whole school.  We sang the national anthem and continued on.  It was time for the mum award. Oh no it's our turn! Breathe in and breathe out I told myself.  As I stepped into the stage I burst with tears( it was joyful tears) I couldn't stop crying it was just really hard.  I let it out I couldn't hold it.  Lydia and Edith both came up the stage and helped me to calm down.  Lydia read my card and Edith was just there to make me comfort. After we read all of our card I remembered to get this gifts( which was books) to my mum.  We went and hugged her then go  back to our classes.

My mom was crying and she was really proud of us going up the stage and doing something like this to her.  Me and my brother got a school value award.

Here is me and I got a Whanaungatanga- Building positive relationship.
For consistently demonstrating how to be an active member when working with a team!

Here is Joseph. He got Manaakitanga- Showing kindness and respect.
For looking after others and helping them with their learning.

Here is My Card:

Here is my card for my mum!
Hope you enjoy this post! Please comment down below of what you think and here is a question for you's

What are you going to do for your mum for mother's day?

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

🌚Phases of the Moon( Poster)!πŸŒ•

Talofa Lava and Greetings to you all!
Welcome back to my blog.  Today I have just finished this task that we have to do. This relates to our inquiry topic which is "Outer Space".  The Kia Manawanui have really learned a lot about the moons and how it works.  We have seperate classes: Homegroup 1 goes with Ms fepuleai and homegroup 2 stays with Ms Komor.  We take turns and we get to learn more about our planets.  

In this poster it has the 8 phases of the moon.  As you can see they change a lot because it is caused where the moon is.  For example the new moon is caused when it is facing the same direction to the sun.  Did you know that the moon doesn't has its own light.  It is actually caused when the sun reflects/shines on the moon and then the moon reflects the light to earth. 

Here is my poster! What I found challenging about this was to making sure that I get the right names for the moon and finding the moons.
I really enjoy learning space!

Click here to go on my task( click on this πŸŒ™ 
Hope you enjoy this poster and please comment down below of what you think and comment down if you have any questions please comment down below as well.πŸŒ™

IALT: Understand the phases of the moon and reflect about it!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Technology Tomorrow!!!

Greetings and welcome back to my blog!

I am so excited for tomorrow because we have Technology.  I am in Graphics and our teacher is Miss Ferguson.  I love doing Graphics because it relates to like Maths( I think) and maths is my favourite subject and we also get to learn new things! It will be very sad because we will be swapping classes soon( there is Graphics, Hard Materials and Cooking).  In Graphics we have very weird words and they are new to me.  I can't remember them but I will try my best to remember them and put on my next blog.  Graphics can be challenging but I always try my best and just give it a go!  I really enjoyed being in Ms Ferguson's classroom and I wonder what we will be doing next year!πŸ˜…πŸ˜

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IALT: Tell my readers that we have tech tomorrow!

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I'm Back!

Hello and Welcome back to my blog.  I have realised that I haven't been blogging that much.  This blog post will explain everything to you why I haven't been blogging that much? First of all I would like to say that I am so excited and happy to be back blogging. Why? Well I just like blogging a lot and I actually have no reason! You see I am very busy at the moment with my life.  I play netball now( which I really enjoy!) and I have to babysit my siblings( they are very amture) while my mom is cooking and My dad's gone work( we are such a busy FAMILY!).  Now I finally have the time to blog I am so relaxed and ready to blog more!  I will try my best to blog even more the last year or any year( well I only started blogging in 2016 so let's not go to far, shall we).

Please comment down below of what you think of this post and what I could improve on next time!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

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