Friday, 16 March 2018

Technology Lesson 4!

On thursday on the 15th of march we had our 4 lesson of technology.  I was in mrs ferguson's class.  I was really excited that we got to  have graphics again because guess what?  We were going to start on creating our phone stand!  Yes!!!!!!! I was so happy.  Here is my reflection about technology.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 15 March 2018


IALT:  Find out what is a timeline.

What are timelines?
A timeline is something that explains about a topic( transport or video games).   It includes the main points of how this event happen.  All timeline is in order.  Wouldn't you think that it will be just weird if a timeline is not in order?

How do we read them?
Well I think that when you are reading a timeline you look at the year and the small summarize was given.  When I look at a timeline I always look at the year so I know when this event happened and also read the small information so I know what happened in that year.

Why are they important?
I think that a timeline is important because it helps you tell what happen in the pass and in the present.  It is important that we must know about the past because it can help you figure out what happen before you were born and they are amazing facts about the past and you never knew that you might be interested in making your own timeline!

What can we used them for?
We can use a timeline to tell the difference of the things that happened in the psat and the present.  They are used to explain how objects are changed from the past and how we can improve of what we can do in the present.

This week for our reading we have been focusing about the history of NZ.  We first talked about what we know about NZ.  You can see what I know about NZ in my blogpost.  Then we talked about what is a timeline.  We had to talk about what makes a timeline.  We had to create something that has to include what is a timeline? What do you think why we have a timeline?  
Here is what I create to share my learning!

Here are examples of a timeline:

Image result for timelineImage result for timeline

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What I know about NZ!

Today I have just finished one of my tasks about NZ.  This week we have been talking about what makes NZ( our country) a great place to live in.  Our walt is :  IALT: Make connections with the history of our country- NZ.  Today for reading we have been talking about the history of NZ.  There are so much things that are still there that we have no idea about our country.  Here is a google drawing that I have created what I know about NZ.

Hope you enjoy!
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Monday, 12 March 2018

NZ Popullation

IALA:  The population of NZ

Malo Lelei and welcome back to my blog.  I am going to tell you( yes you!) how many population there are in NZ.  If you are wondering why are you blogging about  this well reason why I am going to blog about this because
1.  So that you know how many we have
2. and because in classroom we were talking about NZ.

So first of all Ms komor wrote down our WALT. The WALT:  what makes NZ a great place to live in?
Our suggestions was:
- Mountains 
- Beaches
- Native Birds
- Nature
- People
and there are other things that makes our country special.  

I was really surprised to see how many people are living in NZ.  Can you believe that! 4, 736, 362 is how many we have in NZ.
I bet that you will get shocked when you see this.
Hopefully you have really enjoyed reading this!
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Printmaking Summary

WALA: Printmaking.

Malo tau ma`u  e ho`ata ni (which means " Good afternoon" in tongan).  Today the Kia Manawanui syndicate pre visit on our 2 lesson of te tuhi.  If you don't know what's Te Tuhi it is okay because I will explain about it.  Te tuhi is a art gallery that has heaps of different types of artwork.  On friday we will be going to te tuhi.  Today we learnd about printmaking.  Up top is a summary of what I learnd about printmaking. 

Hope you enjoy reading my summary! Please comment below of what you think!

Image result for printmaking

Image result for printmaking

Blog Commenting- Lily Uasi

Image result for blog commenting

Today I will be blog commenting on Lily Uasi's blog.  As you already  know me and lily are sisters and most people( including teachers) get mixed up with my name and hers.  We both started in 2016.  After I found out that I was a student council leader lily wanted to become one as well.  Lily always work really hard and she is just a great sister.  She is intelligent; she loves reading books;she always take my feedback to her and she improves it.  I am so proud to be her sister( and my other siblings) that I want them not to follow into my footprints but to follow in their own journey and grow up what they wanted to be and show them who they really are as them self.

Here is a photo that was taken at my aunt's wedding.  
Me and My sister was the flower girls.

IALT: Leaving positive comments on others blog.

Today I visited on lily's blog and went through her blog.  I stopped at hauora because I wanted to know what she learnd about that( since she was new to it).  She used a slide show to show her learning.  I read through to each slide.  While I was reading it I already have something that she did really well in her work and what is something that she needs to work on.  
Here is the comment that I gave her:

I also commented another feedback on her " What happened at Tripoli??".  I wanted to read on this one because we are in that house and I wanted to know more about tripoli.   After I read it I commented her a feedback that was thoughtful, helpful and positive.  That is one important thing you need to know when you are commenting. It needs to be thoughtful. This will help the person know that you have read it or watch it.  It also has to be positive.  Like say something that was good about it.  Then lucky last helpful.  This will let the person know what to do next time and what do you want to know more about.
Here is the comment that I gave to lil:

I really enjoy reading lily's blog because I know what she has learnd at class and that she understands and reflets on it all the times.  If you want to check out  lily's blog I just added the link to it.  So if you want to go and visit it you should always leave a comment behind because you never know your comment would actually help that person accomplish her learning.  Hope that you have enjoy reading this blog.

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Blog Commenting - Lydia Bloomfield

Hello and greetings to you all.  Welcome back to my blog.  I am so happy that I am back blogging.  This post will be about blog commenting.  I chose lydia to comment on her blog.  I chose lydia because she is someone you can look up to.  She is the number 1 best friend( true!) , She is so encouraging to others and she is loyal to others.  She is a young lady who is intelligence , always having a growth mindset in her learning.  She has inspired me and hopefully as a student council leader that she could inspire you like how she inspired me.

IALT:  Give positive feedback to others.
I visited lydia's blog and the first thing that got my attention was her "Weeknd's Reflection".  The bright colour of the pictures just got my attention and the detail of her reflection.  
Here is the comment that I left for her:

You should go and check out lydia's blog.  It is amazing and right on.  I have added the link of her blog so that you can go visit and check out what lydia have learnd( and also the kia manawanui syndicate).

Image result for blog commenting sites

Enjoy reading!