Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Persuasive Writing

Title: Should Children spend more time at school?

I think that children should spend more time at school, 2 reasons why children should spend more time at school
  1. So that they can learn more then what they already know
  2. So next year they can be ready for new stuff
  3. Extra Curricula
And so they can get more credit in their learning
And because of these reasons we both are “FOR”.

Some believe that spending more time at school is boring just because they want to have more fun then just doing work,
For example kids these days don’t do much work because all they think about is giving up and having more fun than learning more.
But on the other hand I think that because children don’t know much I think that’s why children should spend more time at school or teacher's could just give children homework everyday.

Obviously it is true that children just think about free time instead of focusing on their work.

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